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Oct 30, 2020 | Booking

Experiencing the world’s tallest man-made structure will always be thrilling and exciting. The Statue of Unity is an effort to show respect to the great personality and a front-man of the Indian freedom movement, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel who is also known as the iron man of India. The statue is situated in the prominent Indian state, Gujarat, standing 182 meters tall and reflecting the unity and integrity of India.

The exact location of the statue is Sadhu-Bet Island, providing the visitors with an outstanding view to enjoy. Lots of money has been spent on this statue of the great Indian leader and it attracts tourists from around the country as well as outside of India.

Luxurious staying at Statue of Unity Tent City

Are you struggling to decide the nearest and best place to stay while visiting the statue of unity? Well, Statue of Unity Tent City offers a great solution for you and your family with its well-defined and luxurious tents and admirable hospitality.

Statue of Unity Tent City allows you to stay close to nature, experiencing the beautiful hills, lakes, and wooded areas. This nature resort is the best choice for nature lovers. While staying at the Statue of Unity Tent City, you can expect five-star accommodation, delicious food, breathing fresh air, and making your holidays memorable.

Statue of Unity is a memorial site

The Statue of Unity reminds us of the greatness of Sardar Patel, commemorating his ideology with elements like the museum and audiovisual gallery where you get to know more about his contribution to make India a free and prosperous nation.

A high-speed lift will take you to the viewing gallery from where you can enjoy an outstanding view of the surroundings. The light and sound show is another attraction that will make your evening interesting.

Book your Tent House now

Book a well-decorated tent at the Statue of Unity tent city and stay luxuriously near the statue of unity. If you want to witness and capture the mesmerizing views of the Sardar Sarovar Dam and the surrounding pleasing environment, you must not hesitate to confirm your stay at the Statue of Unity Tent City.

This deluxe resort ensures its commitment to provide the tourists with ideal and appreciable service. You will be delighted to get top-class hospitality that includes fascinating room décor as well as services, nice cuisine along with different cultural programs to entertain you.

Regardless of your purpose you can stay at Statue of Unity Tent City

If you want to stay for a few days and explore the nearby attractions or famous places while visiting the Statue of Unity, you must consider the best place to enjoy your trip at ease. Why don’t you book a luxurious tent in the statue of unity tent city? It is a well-planned nature resort for couples, families, friend groups, where you get the hospitality you expect.

To enjoy your holidays by spending quality time with your beloved ones, experiencing the amazing site, and witnessing the beauty of nature, book your tent online in advance. Whether you love to explore the classic form of nature or love taking selfies or seeking rest, Statue of Unity Tent City can be the perfect destination for you.

Online booking of Statue of Unity Tent City

It is quite easy to book your package and reserve the statue of unity accommodation online and in no-time. Statue of Unity Tent City offers different packages, suitable for different persons. You must know your needs and expectations and choose a package and stay option that fits.


The Statue of Unity will be a great place to visit on your holiday. Make sure to book the best Tent at the Statue of Unity Tent City and enjoy the trip at ease. When you consider visiting the statue, you explore other places too, so you need a safe place where you can take shelter and prepare for your next day’s adventures. And what could be better than this nature resort, situated under the shadow of the Statue of Unity.

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