Explore a Better Tent Accommodation at Statue of Unity.

Wondering how to arrange a perfect Statue of Unity tour? No worries! We are here to come up with the best accommodation. It gives you a better experience and thus you can explore the Statue of Unity. We turn out with the exclusive cottages that bring in the ultimate comfort and you can enjoy a nice stay with your family and friends. Hence, you can get rid of all the worries knowing that we help you to stay the best place near Statue of Unity.

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The premium cottages are fully furnished and it brings in the ultimate luxury. It makes you feel good and you can thus enjoy the tour free from any worries. It’s a nice stay at the Statue of Unity and we ensure that that you can explore the true serenity.

Convenience and Amenities

Here are mentioned the amenities that make your stay a memorable one:

  • Double Bed
  • Attached washrooms
  • A balcony to explore the scenic view
  • Toiletries keeping you fresh
  • A nice sitting area

The rooms are full air-conditioned and it brings in a cozy feel.

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The royal cottages come up with excellent facilities and it gives you the best experience. The rooms are spacious and you can enjoy the lake view from your room. Hence, you can feel the heavenly pleasure touching deep inside your soul. It’s time to explore the amazing scenic view from your room.

Convenience and Amenities

The amenities are:

  • Double bed
  • Attached washrooms
  • Spacious balcony
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • A comfortable sitting area
  • Luxury toiletries making you refreshed
  • A private dressing area

All the rooms are air-conditioned and thus you can enjoy some nice time.

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The royal villa is the second highest category of luxury stay near Statue of Unity. It comes up with the extreme comfort and it makes you feel good. The stunning interior bring in a nice view and you it gives you a different experience. Alongside, you can explore the amazing exteriors and it would take you to real heaven.

Convenience and Amenities

Now, here is a brief view of amenities the royal villa offers:

  • A master bedroom
  • A private dressing room
  • A private dining area
  • A nice sofa set featuring a royal touch
  • Luxury toiletries making you feel fresh
  • Attached washroom
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Fast check-in
  • A mini-bar, which is non-alcoholic
  • Express tickets
  • Easy transfers

All the rooms are full air-conditioned and it brings in a nice ambiance.

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The Presidential Villa brings in the highest level of comfort. It helps you to define your lifestyle in a new way. We ensure that it gives you a wonderful experience and it’s time to explore the Statue of Unity. The spacious rooms bring in a better feel and you would feel excited to enjoy the tour. It brings in the perfect royal touch and you would simply love it.

Convenience and Amenities

The amenities presidential villa offer are:

  • Double bed
  • Two bedrooms
  • King-size beds
  • Attached washrooms
  • Private dressing rooms
  • A sofa set featuring the royal touch
  • A private dining space
  • A private dressing room
  • Luxury toiletries that gives you the soothing feel
  • Tea/coffee maker
  • Faster check-in
  • A mini-bar with no alcohol
  • Easy transfers
  • Express tickets to Statue of Unity

All the rooms are air-conditioned and you can explore a great stay here.

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