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Aug 19, 2020 | Booking

Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, the Ironman of India is one of the most celebrated personalities, one amongst the front-persons who influenced the struggle of Indian independence. The statue of unity is an attempt to honor him for all the efforts and greatness he delivered for making a free nation. He was the most important individual who made the unification of the princely states possible, including all of them into one single independent country “India”. The statue of unity is considered to be the symbol of the unity and integrity of the country irrespective of the diversity.

Where is the statue located?

The location of the statue is Sadhu Island near Sardar Sarovar Dam on Narmada River in the Indian state of Gujarat. The city of Ahmedabad is 200 kilometers distant from the statue and one can consider even a road trip to reach the destination. But, to access the statue, one needs to depend exclusively on the boats. This was an intentionally made arrangement for evading vehicular traffic and its consequences. 

Some details about the statue

With the altitude of 182 meters, the statue of unity claims to be the tallest structure on earth made by humans. Immediately after the inauguration, it started becoming the center of attention, attracting significant number of tourists inside as well as outside India. There is another special feature that makes the statue distinct, it can stand against the wind speed of 60m/s, withstanding earthquake vibrations as well. 

Looking for luxury?

statue of unity tent city premium cottage

The name Narmada tent city is associated with the outstanding infrastructure and service for the tourists visiting the statue of unity and its surrounding. It offers magnificent and mesmerizing view, especially because it is situated beneath the statue. Narmada tent city is not only about the accommodation, it is also about adventure activities, water sports as well as ecotourism. 

Amenities offered by Narmada tent city

  • AC and non-AC accommodation
  • Requisite tents (luxury, deluxe and standard)
  • Driver accommodation in tents
  • Car parking
  • Playground for kids
  • Resort for indoor and outdoor games

Planning your tour easily

Narmada tent city is a nature resort beautifully located under the shadow of the statue of unity, offering different types of packages for the tourists along with excellent views of Sardar Sarovar Dam and the surroundings. 

Whether you are considering 1-day gateway or 2-days freedom from your fast-paced city life, Narmada tent city would be the best choice to meet your purpose, providing a close-to-nature experience. It is an impeccable nature retreat well-equipped with latest amenities.

How to contact?

Now, you can easily use the virtual media to communicate and it helps you to book your tent. And you must make sure that the tent gives you the comfort and thus you get rid of all the worries. You can enjoy the whole tour in your way. 

It’s important to understand the packages in detail beforehand to avoid any unexpected situation in future. Make sure to clear all your quarries, knowing payment mode and all other significant factors required for a successful tour.

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