Kevadia (Ekta Nagar) Tourism Circuit: What to see around the Statue of Unity, and what it will cost you?

Feb 18, 2022 | Tourism


The Kevadia Statue of Unity, where the 182-metre tall Statue is located, has become a religious journey of India’s federation, citizenship and nationalism. The Statue is a tribute to Sardar Patel by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had visualised the world’s tallest structure.

What is the Kevadia Tourism Circuit?

The village Kevadia at Narmada district is home to the Sardar Sarovar Dam reservoir on the Narmada River and was a popular picnic spot even before the SOU.

The circuit covers all over 35 tourist places, some of them are very attractive; the Valley of Flowers, Vishwa Van, Jungle Safari, Cactus Garden, Butterfly Garden, Ekta Nursery, Tent City, Khalvani Eco-tourism, Zarwani Eco-tourism, Nauka Vihar and River Rafting, located around the periphery of the Statue and the Narmada Dam, are over here.

Statue of Unity Tent City package Experience a fantastic stay at Statue of Unity Tent City; it offers tastefully designed rooms, an expansive pool, and exciting outdoor activities. Maintain visitors’ fitness regime with the on-site fitness centre.

It is a beautiful property by the reservoir with scenic views of the mountains, sunrise, and sunset. The food quality and taste were very nice with less masala use and a good combination of Punjabi and Gujarati veg food. Most of the important sightseeing is included in the package with well-appointed private minibuses to ferry the guests and a private tour guide. There were sanitiser dispensers at each and everywhere within the property. Considering the current situation, all the required safety measures were ensured.

The Statue of Unity tent city -1 Is a good experience to stay in tents. Surrounding nature’s beauty with rivers and mountains. It was a good experience, but only for the description that ticket and boating include, but if you have a book for one night only, you can see the Statue of unity except for the view gallery ticket. Lesser shows and dam views are not included in the booking time.

Some of the major attractions of the circuit

Laser show at Statue of unity

The Statue of Unity gives amazing activities to its visitors. One of the most accepted events is the laser show at the Statue of Unity.

The laser show can elaborate on the journey of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his role to create India as a nation from various subcontinents. The show will be presented on canvas with a beautiful mixture of laser lights, sound, graphics, and storytelling. The 30-minute show leaves the viewer spellbound. 51 high-resolution projectors used in the show are fixed at 600 metres.

Valley of Flowers

One of the key attractions is the Statue of Unity, the world’s biggest Statue and Sardar Sarovar Dam near Kevadia Colony in the Narmada district of Gujarat, India. It is also well known as Bharat Van and is spread across 600 acres of land. The valley of flowers is a long passage of 17 km along the bank of the sacred River Narmada, where more than 300 types of flowers and around 22,00,000 plants welcome the guest to the Statue of Unity. Flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, and creepers are planted to form the green cover in the surrounding area. These colourful flowers are placed so that it looks like a life rainbow on earth. Several photo booths and selfie points were developed to capture the memories of your visit to the Statue of Unity. A drip irrigation system has been developed for all flower species to maintain the flower effectively. Also, there are two small beautiful lakes named Kamal and Poyani.

Kevadia is located 25 km from the Rajpipla, 90 km from Vadodara, 150 km from Surat, 200 km from Ahmedabad, 40 km from Poicha, 50 km from Chandod 52 km from Dabhoi, 10 km from Garudeshwar.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Sardar Sarovar Dam at Narmada River is the lifeline of Gujarat. Third highest concrete dam; 163 metres in India.

Bus service is free for Sardar Sarovar Dam Viewpoint and Valley of Flowers. The bus will drop you near Dam Viewing Point across 100m walking distance. There are many large water gates. We get soft drinks and ice cream at the Dam View Point.

It took 56 years to complete its construction. There are Indian states who receive water and electricity supplied from the dam; Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

There are two power generation units installed in it; they have about 1,450 MW capacities to generate power. Around half of the electricity production supply is for Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.

Jungle Safari at Statue of Unity

Visit the Statue of Unity and enjoy Jungle Safari. The jungle safari is located inside the Statue of Unity area. It is graceful to see animals across the world in Gujarat.

A park with a unique collection of indigenous and exotic animals and birds from the various biogeography regions of the world. The zoo will give an adventurous and exciting trip of watching wildlife enjoying the scenic beauty of the hills. There are more than186 species of fauna in the park, covering various biomes of Africa, Australia, Asia, and America. Visitors can spot India’s endangered species, including magnificent big cats such as Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger and Leopard. The visitors view animal activities, spot reptiles and watch birds.

Exciting Features: The Jungle Safari campaign gives a good time to explore the unexplored trails and untouched natural horizons. The remarkable feature of this park; visitors can see animals in an open environment, and the forest will provide the effect of a Jungle Safari kind of tour.

Nauka Vihar

A boat ride at the Statue of Unity is a nice experience. There are so many crocodiles in the river, and we were lucky to see them. Peacocks and other birds are seen at the river bank. Even leopards are to be occasionally spotted.

The entry should not be time-based. There should be some seating arrangements, and let people wait in the boating site, instead of waiting at the Statue. The total duration of each ride is 45 minutes and eight rides in a day. The ecosystem around the lake is fascinating. The boating facility at SOU is a nice experience.

Nauka Vihar is the drive to boost tourism in the Kevadia circuit.

Ekta Nursery

The Ekta Nursery manufactures various traditional eco-friendly products. Here we enjoy a live demonstration of their manufacturing process.

Ekta Nursery is developed in the Statue of Unity. The plant distribution is done at the entry gate, where a stall has been put up for this purpose. Local youngsters are involved in the growing, developing, and selling of these plants. Visitors can enjoy a live demonstration of this manufacturing process.

Vishwa Van

The world Vishwa Van was conceptualised by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, who guided the construction of the Statue of Unity in 46 months. The layout resembles; the natural forest of that particular zone; see 1 min-40 sec video. Vishwa Van is meant to be home to herbs, shrubs and trees native to all 7 continents signifying the underlying theme of ‘Unity in Diversity in a global context. Vishwa Van stands for the life support of all portions of forests in the context of all life forms on the planet. Vishwa Van covers an area of 2 hectares, situated between two bridges next to the Statue of Unity. Vishwa Van symbolises the miraculous role of forests in the existence of all life forms on earth.

Dino trail

At Narmada, a giant 30-feet-tall model of dinosaurs was built near the Statue of Unity in Gujarat’s Narmada district. A small Dinosaur Trail on this route. The trail has artificial Dinosaurs.

The very hugest replica of a dinosaur under construction was built up at the cost of Rs 2 crore as part of a tourist attraction plan of the Gujarat government. It took so many months to build the big dinosaur model.


Statue of Unity Booking – More than 20 different attractions have cropped up to enthral visitors for at least two to three days within months. There is scope as there is the variety from the Statue & gardens in the vicinity. There are gardens for some enjoyment. All others were a surprising adventure in Kevadi; hiking, zip-lining and camping and so on. We get boating activity, with crocodiles bobbing up and down, some more camera-shy than the others. The nearby villages will soon open their doors for local walks and homestays.

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