Statue Of Unity In Gujarat Drawing More Tourists Than Statue Of Liberty In US

Feb 23, 2021 | Tourism

Indian heritage has always been rich; the history, culture, architecture, and stories behind every aspect of it have many beautiful elements.

Gujarat is one such Indian state which has a bundle of treats to offer. This state is predominantly known to be the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, is home to Asiatic lions, and with its lip-smacking Gujarati cuisines, this cultural state of India has always stolen all our hearts.

Statue of Unity vs Statue of Liberty

Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity, located in the Kevadia colony is the latest wonder to be termed the tallest statue in the world. It is the statue of India’s first Deputy Prime Minister and well-known freedom fighter Shri. Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He was referred to as the ‘Iron man of India’ for his priceless contribution to the nation’s building and development.

He was known to be the sole reason for all the 562 princely states coming back together in India, back in the pre-independence period after the British. That is the reason behind the statue being named ‘Statue of Unity’ i.e a symbol of unity.

With intense hard work, planning, and precision for good 4 years, the 597 feet tall historical statue was constructed to perfection on the river Narmada. Its construction was decided in the year 2010 and the execution began in 2013 by Larsen & Toubro.

Shri. Ram. V. Sutar gets the credit for being the sculptor and designer of the statue. The Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated the statue on 31st October 2018, Sardar Patel’s 143rd birth anniversary.

Statue of Unity tent city-1

Statue of Unity tent city-1 is a fantastic facilitator of tented accommodation, which is an absolute blend of culture and luxury. One can enjoy top-notch multi cuisine, great sceneries, swiss cottages, and an infinity swimming pool to relax your senses and enhance your connection with nature.

Guarded by the Satpura and Vindhya ranges, river Narmada reminds us of serenity and peace. Tent city Sardar Sarovar rates range from Rs.6000 and suit all kinds of people. They provide you a big option of villas to cottages. To add-on, you also have a fitness center, amphitheatre, multipurpose hall, and some traditional dances during the night time to give you a gist of typical Gujarati culture.

What is the Kevadia Tourism Circuit?

Kevadia is a little town situated in the Narmada district, Gujarat, and has 17 tourism projects around the Statue of Unity. Shri. Narendra Modi inaugurated these 17 projects on ‘Ekta Diwas’ on Sardar Patel’s birth anniversary. These projects are based around the theme of ‘unity and integrity’ and henceforth are termed as a whole to be ‘ Kevadia Tourism Circuit’.

Statue of Unity in Gujarat Drawing More Tourists Than Statue of Liberty In US

This gigantic wonder has been attracting numbers of tourists from India as well as from around the world. The year it was built, it attracted around 2.8 million tourists and the bar has been rising since then.

It is seen that this monument has received more tourists than the Statue of Liberty in the USA. It is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty and can withstand a terrifying 5.5 quake. On a simpler scale, before the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the Statue of Liberty would receive 10,000 tourists in a day while the Statue of Unity received more than 13,000 tourists in a single day.


Anyone who visits this place would look for excellent and comfortable accommodation. Who wouldn’t love staying in luxurious spaces and enjoy this beautiful experience? Choosing the Statue of Unity in tent city-1 gives you a proper renaissance of ecology and modernism.

Do ensure you pay a visit to the Kevadiya Circuit and click pictures with the Iron man’s historical statue.

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