Difference Between Statue of Unity Tent City 1 and Tent City Narmada 2

Jan 18, 2024 | Booking, Tourism

Brief Overview of The Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity stands 182 meters high and is the world’s vastly formal statue. The statue proposes a panoramic view of the Narmada Valley and is remarked as an emblem of India’s harmony and resilience.

A towering memorial is an honor to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the foremost Assistant Prime Minister of India. It is a logo of unity.

Introduction to Tent City

Tent cities are a unique structure of temporary housing in today’s fast-paced world. Tent cities are frequently created by people or associations glancing for temporary housing. Tent City has decent cottage accommodations with top-notch hospitality.

Accommodations Near the Statue of Unity

If you are planning a trip near the Statue of Unity and want to explore the nearby areas, statue of unity tent accommodation will provide you options with beautiful views. There are so many places to visit in and around the location.

Statue of Unity Tent City Concept

Millions of people visit the Statue of Unity every year. The concept of setting up a tent city near SoU has attained popularity. Tent City is made up of renewable energy and water conservation measures. This tent city will utilize eco-friendly infrastructure.

Purpose of Creating Tent City Accommodations

The purpose of the tent city accommodation near the Statue of Unity is to cater to the growing demand for accommodation. As an innovative and sustainable method of managing tourist inflows, the Statue of Unity Tent City Concept will not only attract tourist but will also promote tourism in the region.

Importance of Providing Lodging Options for Tourists And Visitors

A nourishing atmosphere is delivered to visitors through accommodation. We include restaurants, cafes, and many other entertainment venues. As far as lodgings are concerned, there are a variety of remarkable experiences near the Statue of Unity.

Statue of Unity Tent City 1

Statue of Unity Tent City 1

Location And Proximity to The Statue of Unity

A spot for the Statue of Unity Tent City stands at Dyke 4, Sardar Sarovar Dam, 5.4 km from the main parking area of the Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar, Gujarat. The visitors reached Ekta Nagar in 4 km.

  • Nearest railway station: The resort is 95 km from Vadodara Railway Station.
  • Nearest airport: The closest airport to the resort is Vadodara Airport, which is 72 km away.

Accommodation Options And Types of Tents Available

A beautiful set of cottages and tents, surrounded by hills, forests, and lakes, is just 5 kilometers from the Statue of Unity. Nature enthusiasts would love the lake-facing cottages, which would be a unique experience. The Statue of Unity Tent City –1 offers a standard package with Premium Cottages and a luxury package with Royal Cottages. The statue of unity tent city booking is available with twin sharing, and an extra person will be charged separately.

  • Premium Cottages: The premium cottages decor with unique luxury and all the modern amenities. Premium cottages have scenic views of beautiful gardens and calm mountains that give you inner peace.
  • Royal Cottages: The Royal Cottages gives a royal lifestyle experience to its visitors. The decor of Royal Cottages possess royal luxuries such as a double bed, the air conditioner and heater, ample front porch, sitting area, luxury toiletries with attached bathroom, telephone and tea & coffee maker.
  • Facilities And Amenities Offered
    They provide a colorful background while visiting the Statue of Unity. The amenities give you a better atmosphere. Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Multi-Utility Hall, Dining Hall, Free Parking, Wi-Fi, and more attract tourists.
  • Special Features or Unique Characteristics of Tent City 1
    Tent City 1 offers a prominent environment of huge tents. Its unique features and characteristics are smooth roads and efficient drainage techniques; every detail has been carefully intended to ensure a delightful stay for visitors. The tent city is furnished with all modern luxuries.

Tent City Narmada 2

Tent City Narmada 2

  • Location And Relation to The Statue of Unity
    Tent City Narmada is an elegant stay that is located very near to the Statue of Unity in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat. The Statue of Unity Tent City Narmada 2 is a tremendous tent city delivering access to premium amenities.
  • Types of Accommodations And Tents Provided
    There are three basic types of accommodation in Narmada tent city. The Deluxe AC Tent features air conditioning and a twin bed, while the Premium AC Tent features an air-conditioned room with a seating area and a King-size bed. The Darbari AC Tent features a living area, a King-size bed, and a hall, and is renowned for its majestic valley views. The general public favors Tent City 2 due to its affordable cost. Check out the following for the budget price list of Tent City Narmada:

    • Premium Tents @ Rs. 12000 INR For 02 Person (couple)
    • Deluxe Tents @ Rs. 9000 INR For 02 Person (couple)
    • Standard Non AC Tents @ Rs. 6000 INR For 02 Person (couple)
  • Facilities, Services, And Amenities Available
    Narmada Tent City 2 proposes 200 well-appointed and costly tents for visitors from around the world. They provide an elegant vacation near the Statue of Unity and all of it at a reasonable price. Furthermore, there is a swimming pool, where visitors can relax after a long day or take a swim in the morning to loosen their muscles. Each of these accommodations has various facilities like a room heater, mini fridge, safety locker, electric kettle, television, water bottles etc. As for the overall resort luxuries, they have a golf cart, tree house, clubhouse, swimming pool, lawn, kids play area, conference halls, etc.
  • Distinctive Features or Offerings of Tent City 2
    It is filled with all vital and extravagant amenities. It is located in the core of Ekta Nagar, Close to the tallest statue ever. The Narmada Tent City 2 is the ideal place to stay when visiting the Statue of Unity. The package tour varies depending on the type of tent visitors which they choose. Visitors can select from luxury, deluxe, and standard tents. The Narmada Tent City is built with this river as its epicenter; visitors may be satisfied with the gears of sightseeing and trip recreation. So, whether visitors are looking to simply put their feet up and relax or have an action-packed holiday.

Differences Between Tent City 1 and Tent City 2

There are two Tent cities near the statue of unity. Tent City 2 is the closest to the Statue of Unity and Tent City 1 is located far away. Both the tent cities look very distinct from one another. Tent City 1 is offering wonderful views and a more structured setup. A tent city Narmada booking can take you to a lot of attractions around the Statue of Unity. Tent City 1 provides an all facility with sightseeing through their AC buses. Whereas Tent City Narmada just delivers accommodation with all meals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Tent City 1 and Tent City 2

Factors to consider when choosing between Tent City 1 and Tent City 2 are as follows:

  • Location: Both Tent Cities are located in different areas of the city. Location can have a significant impact on your quality of life.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Both Tent Cities offer basic infrastructure like sanitation facilities, electricity, and water.
  • Weather and Climate: Both Tent Cities may experience different weather conditions. Assess the risk of extreme weather, such as hurricanes or blizzards, and consider the impact these factors may have on your living conditions.
  • Affordability and Cost: The cost of living in both Tent Cities may vary.

Ultimately, the decision between Tent City 1 and Tent City 2 should be based on your personal needs and desires.


Gujarat became a tourist destination hub. The Statue of Unity is a bright spot for touring on your holiday. The resort is composed to attract tourists worldwide, creating their trip distinctive so they can adore it for a lifetime. The Narmada Tent City is a lifetime experience for visitors. It proposes water activities and adventure sports and promotes eco-tourism. To get an exclusive choice for adventures and bizarre views, the Statue of Unity Tent City – 1 has become a popular choice nowadays.The Statue of Unity tent city offers visitors a unique and memorable tented experience with best-in-class hospitality.

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